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Be a RockStar like Amy and J.J

Big Sister Amy was first interested in Big Brothers Big Sisters because one of her friends was a volunteer, and she thought it sounded like a wonderful experience. She had experience previously with kids, but she wanted something more special than what she had done before. Amy had mentors and a great family in her life as she was growing up, and she wanted to be a mentor for someone else. She hoped to motivate her Little Sister by encouraging her interests and showing her new and exciting things. She wanted her Little to know that “she can do it,” and to instill in her confidence to be successful. Amy was matched with her Little Sister, J.J., in January of 2013. At the time, J.J. was in the third grade, and wanted a mentor because other kids in her class had one. She also wanted a Big Sister so she could have a friend, and that is exactly what happened when she was matched with Amy.

Being matched in the Site-Based program, Amy and J.J. worked on homework, played games and got to know each other by talking and asking questions. They both have positive and friendly personalities, so they hit it off right away. After awhile, they decided to transition to the Community-Based program because they wanted to spend even more time together, and that decision has only made them closer.

Today these two enjoy bowling, shopping, crafting and spending time together. They are a part of the BBBS Craft Club, have taken private dance lessons and even recently went to Knoxville Martial Arts Academy for MMA class! They are always up for an adventure and for trying new things together, including planning a wedding! This past Fall, Amy married the love of her life in front of friends and family, and among the crowd also sat J.J. and J.J.’s mom. Even when life gets busy, these two ladies still make time for each other.

The sweetest part of their match? When you are around Amy and J.J., you can feel the strength of their relationship. These two act as if they have known each other their entire lives, just like real sisters! Amy is most definitely J.J.’s Big Sister, as well as a mentor and true friend– and J.J.’s thoughtfulness, bright future and maturity inspire Amy daily. These two are a ROCKSTAR match!

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adminBe a RockStar like Amy and J.J