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Be A RockStar Like Cal and William

A brother, a mentor, and a friend; this is who Little Brother William received when he was matched with Big Brother Cal back in June 2012.

William is a very bright middle school student and is enrolled in many honor classes. He has a passion for learning and studies Albert Einstein material regularly. Like Einstein, William loves science! When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he confidently answers, “ a microbiologist or a doctor.” When William isn’t excelling in school, he can be found in the pool with his swim team!

Ever since joining BBBS, on top of loving school, swimming, and Albert Einstein, William loves hanging out with his Big Brother, Cal. Cal, described by others as caring and passionate, wanted to be a positive role model in someone’s life. Through activities like sporting events and going out to eat, he wanted to explore the city of Knoxville with his Little and build a lasting friendship with him.

Cal and William will be celebrating four years as a match this summer. Even after four years, these two haven’t skipped a beat and they still get together multiple times a month to hang out and spend time together. Some of their favorite activities include going out to eat, exploring the city through their Geocaching app, and going to Max Air Trampoline Park! Just recently, William’s mother gave birth to a baby girl. William and Cal met up and had a special time shopping together as they searched for the perfect gift for William’s new little sister. These two enjoy doing normal, everyday activities–as long as they are together, they are having fun!

Cal is loved by William’s family and is revered for providing William with continuous and undying love and support. These two are a ROCKSTAR match!

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