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Be a RockStar like Gareth and Tristan

Big Brother Gareth and Little Brother Tristan were matched in the Fall of 2015. Even though these two haven’t been matched long, their quickly-established bond and fun, upbeat personalities make them special.

Big Brother Gareth grew up with a solid mentor and decided to join our program so he could provide that same type of special relationship to a child in need. Gareth, a film and screenplay writer, grew up in the countryside of England, not too far from London, and has since lived in exciting places like Miami, New York City and Greece! He wanted to use his worldly knowledge and adventurous spirit to teach his Little about unique opportunities the world can provide. Because Gareth has a love for the outdoors and being active, he was matched with Little Brother Tristan. Tristan, an outgoing and independent ball of energy, wanted a Big Brother so he could do “fun things by himself”. Tristan is the oldest of three siblings and because he has an autistic brother, he doesn’t receive much one-on-one attention at home. Because of this, he was excited to have a Big Brother who could take him places that he had always wanted to go to! On Gareth and Tristan’s match day, Tristan learned that his new Big Brother wrote movies, and was SO excited because he had never been to the movies and had always wanted to go. This one common interest set the tone for the match relationship moving forward.

Almost six months later, Tristan has finally gotten to go to the movies and it has become one of his favorite things to do with Gareth. Together, they also enjoy fishing, playing ping pong and attending BBBS Events. Tristan loves hearing about Gareth’s childhood in England (he still can’t believe that residents drive on the opposite side of the road) and Gareth enjoys watching Tristan break out of his shell. Gareth and Tristan have an “easy” and fun match that started off great immediately. They both are looking forward to exploring new places together and watching their relationship grow stronger! These two are a ROCKSTAR match!

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