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Be A Rockstar like Jimmy and Malik

When Little Brother Malik asked for someone to play sports and do homework with, we doubt he knew he was going to receive a lifelong friend, mentor, and Big Brother like Jimmy. In October 2013, 2nd grader Malik wanted someone who would help him with his school work and play outdoors with. He hoped for a Big Brother that could help him become more proficient with his multiplication facts and spelling. Though he said school was hard, he understood the importance of education and working hard, which was outstanding for someone his age! Little did Malik know, he was about to become Brothers with an outstanding male mentor named Jimmy.

Jimmy joined our program in 2013 after spending a lot of his free time volunteering with youth. At this time, Jimmy had been married for one year and was expecting his first child, Jimmy Jr. When looking for a Little Brother, all Jimmy requested was a Little who shared his love of  sports. Jimmy wanted to make an impact in someone else’s life and choose to mentor a child through our Site-Based Program. Jimmy and Malik were matched soon after and later transitioned into our Community-Based Program. The rest is history…

Jimmy and Malik will be celebrating their three year match anniversary this year, and their journey has been so fun for the BBBS team to watch. Today, even though Jimmy’s family continues to grow (Jimmy had a sweet baby girl this past year!), Malik is still a priority in Jimmy’s life. Jimmy has welcomed Malik and his family with open arms and has made them a part of his own family (Malik even calls Jimmy Jr. his Little Brother). Whether it’s going to a sporting event or just hanging out and talking, Jimmy and Malik love each other’s company. Malik knows that Jimmy will be there for him no matter what and Jimmy is excited to watch Malik grow into an even better version of himself! These two are a ROCKSTAR match!

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adminBe A Rockstar like Jimmy and Malik