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Be A Rockstar like Lyndsay and Tashae

Big Sister and BBBS Board Member Lyndsay and her Little Sister Tashae were first matched on April 6th, 2010 in our Site Based Program. During this time, Lyndsay and Tashae focused on doing school work, reading, playing sports and playing board games. As Lyndsay and Tashae’s relationship grew through the School Based Program, they both decided they needed to spend even more time together and transitioned into our Community Based Program. Their match, as Lyndsay says, as been “Rockin’ and Rollin'” ever since.

Six years later, Tashae is now a growing, bright, 16 yr. old high school student. She and Lyndsay are still extremely close and love going out to eat, doing Zumba, and going to the park together. Ever since they have been matched, they have encouraged and uplifted each other, laughed (a lot!) and have learned the importance of what if means to have someone in your corner.

Today, Tashae describes Lyndsay as a caring, loveable and generous woman who makes her feel safe and cared for. She believes that Lyndsay has taught her responsibly and how to stand up for herself, while Lyndsay believes that Tashae has taught her the real meaning of serving with humility and compassion. They have a true bond that is supported by both Lyndsay and Tashae’s families.

We love what Lyndsay once said about her relationship with Tashae and Tashae’s mom: “When times are tough, we collaborate. When things go well, we celebrate. When we can’t figure things out, we communicate until there is a plan in place that always works out for Tashae’s good.” This is what they have successfully been doing for the past six years and what they will continue to do to further Tashae’s life for the better, forever!

What a sweet relationship built on love and respect. These two are a ROCKSTAR match!

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adminBe A Rockstar like Lyndsay and Tashae