Set your sights on your next BFKS fundraising goal

Each and every dollar you raise for Bowl for Kids’ Sake makes a difference in the life of a child.

Go to infinity and beyond with your personal fundraising goal to receive the gifts above. Reach for the stars–the more you raise, the more you earn! (Note that each prize level also includes the gifts before it.)

Got your eye on a prize but need help getting there? Let us help. By utilizing shared BFKS resources, personalizing your personal fundraising page, learning how to recruit teammates and how to ask for money, and creatively fundraising, you can hit your goal in no time! And, remember—our team is always available to provide resources and answer any questions you might have—just call us at 865.523.9455 or email .

P.S.- After your fundraising page is set up, be sure to check in with your team captain to ensure your team has its lane reserved! If you are a team captain and your lane is not reserved, click here!

adminSet your sights on your next BFKS fundraising goal
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BFKS Creative Fundraising

In this week’s update, the team at Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee provides you some creative ideas for fundraising with your team — especially for those of you who have already shared your Bowl for Kids’ Sake page via social media and email.

Big Sister Stephanie Smith (pictured above) recently celebrated her birthday in a BIG WAY. She gathered with friends and family at the YMCA, dressed in neon and side-ponytails, to dance the night away and raise funds for our agency. By asking her guests to donate to BBBS-ETN in lieu of gifts, Stephanie has raised more than $3,500 for Bowl For Kids’ Sake 2018! Below, we list a few creative ways to raise money to support matches of Bigs and Littles, while having a little fun along the way.


Asking for donations isn’t always easy, but fundraising for Bowl For Kids’ Sake doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Check out these creative ideas for your team fundraising, and remember that we’re about a month away from Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2018!

  • Hold a drawing at work. Ask your employer if you can sell tickets to give your co-workers a chance to win a two-hour lunch, a half or whole day off, or a prime parking spot.
  • Schedule a game night. Host a Monopoly, poker, bingo, or other game night and charge “admission” to benefit BBBS-ETN.
  • Go green for Spring. Try selling fresh cut flowers or bouquets from your garden.
  • Make a little change. Ask your local bank or the businesses you frequent to put a coin jar at their register. Be sure to decorate the jar so donors know who you are and what organization you are raising funds for. (The BBBS-ETN team is more than happy to prepare you with talking points!)
  • Bake sale. Hold a bake sale at church, work, or school. Consider selling doughnuts, pastries, and coffee in the morning.
  • Set a personal challenge. Grow a beard, take the stage at karaoke night, or paint yourself purple. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as your friends would pay good money to see it happen. Make sure you post your progress on social media!
  • Good jeans. Ask your company and/or other companies in your building to sell tickets to a jean day for employees.
  • Schedule a share-the-profit event. If you have a family member or friend that owns or manages a local business, ask them if they would like to donate a portion of a day’s profit to BBBS-ETN!
  • Set up a snack bar. Create a cart where employees can purchase snacks like sandwiches, chips, cookies, juices and soft drinks. Open your snack bar for a week and have all the proceeds go toward your fundraising goal.
  • Matching gifts. Many companies may give a flat donation toward your fundraising goal, while others may have gift matching programs. Check with your HR representative to see if your company offers this program.
  • Nearly new sale. Collect your team’s gently used clothing or household items and host a weekend sale. Take photos of your items beforehand and post in Facebook groups or on Instagram stories to generate a buzz.
  • Create a recipe book. Gather recipes from team and family members and compile the most delicious ones to create a recipe book to sell to friends and co-workers. You might even theme your recipe books to feature desserts or healthy meal options.

Or, throw a party with a purpose like Stephanie did!

By the way, if you missed our tips on how to recruit team members and how to ask for donations, click here to learn more. Need help setting up your personal site? We’ve got you covered.

And, remember—our team is always available to provide resources and answer any questions you might have—just call us at 865.523.9455 or email .

P.S.- After your fundraising page is set up, be sure to check in with your captain to ensure your team has its lane reserved! If you are a team captain and your lane is not reserved, click here

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Recruiting and Fundraising Tips for BFKS 2018

Thank you for registering for Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2018! In this week’s bowler update, we’ll provide a few details on how to recruit teammates and how to fundraise. Our team is always available to provide resources and answer any questions you might have—just call us at 865.523.9455 or email .


Fundraising and bowling with a team by your side is the best ways to get the most out of Bowl For Kids’ Sake. Working with your team expands your reach, helps keep everyone motivated, and gives you more opportunities to Make a Match! (Every individual or team who raises $1,000 will “Make a Match” between a Big and a Little and support that match for an entire year; we’ll have special incentives and prizes for everyone who accomplishes this.)

Follow these tips to recruit and support your teammates:

  • If you’re a team captain, set a goal to recruit 3-5 participants. Where can you find these teammates? Ask your co-workers and plan to bowl during lunch or after work hours; reach out to members of community organizations; or recruit your friends and family members! Remind your teammates that it’s easy to raise the $50 minimum—plus, with so many dates to choose from, finding a location that works for you and your team will be a breeze!
  • Ask each potential bowler to join your team in person or with a personal message. Most people respond best when asked personally—either in person, or via text or email.
  • Help your teammates register by sending them to to create their own fundraising page. Need help? Check out the “Bowl For Kids’ Sake Registration Guide”. Once your team has created fundraising pages, the captain should sign up for a bowling time.


We get it, asking for money from others can be intimidating. The tips below will make raising the $50 minimum a breeze!

  • Fundraise in honor of a child waiting for a mentor. Who can so no to a kid? Putting a face to BBBS-ETN’s mission helps potential donors understand the impact mentoring makes in the lives of area youth. Remind supporters that kids who have Bigs are more likely to graduate high school and college, less likely to use drugs and alcohol, and they have higher self esteem than their peers. (Did we mention there are more than 100 children waiting for a mentor right now?) Click here for photos and bios of children waiting for a mentor.
  • Build a personalized webpage. Creating your own fundraising page is easy and fun. Bowlers who utilize this tool to raise funds bring in more money and help support more matches between Bigs and Littles! Need tips on how to set up your personal site? We’ve got you covered.
  • Tell your story. Whether asking for a donation or for someone to join your team, your enthusiasm and passion are contagious. Talk about someone who made an impact in your life as a mentor. If you’re a Big Brother or Big Sister, tell donors about the amazing outcomes and personal experiences you’ve had with BBBS-ETN.
  • Make a list. Jot down the names of everyone who may donate to you, and start by reaching out to them. Remember that many companies will match an employee’s contributions to a charity. Ask your HR Director or Office Manager if your company participates in a Company Match program, and encourage your donors to do the same.
  • Set a goal and make a personal donation. Get your fundraising started by making a personal gift, whether it’s $5, $50, or $500. This will show momentum and encourage others to donate as well. Then, decide how much you hope to raise and tell donors your goal. As you get closer to your goal, supporters will want to help you reach it!
  • Say thank you. Let your supporters know how grateful you are. Thank them on social media and in person. Consider sending a handwritten thank you note to everyone who makes a gift to your page. With their help and yours, BBBS-ETN will match 125 marginalized children with a safe and caring mentor!

P.S.- After your fundraising page is set up, be sure to check in with your team captain to ensure your team has its lane reserved! If you are a team captain and your lane is not reserved, click here!

adminRecruiting and Fundraising Tips for BFKS 2018
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Personalizing Your Personal Page

Thank you for creating a Bowl For Kids’ Sake page – now it’s time to personalize and fundraise!

In minutes, you can customize your page with a photo and a story. Once your personal page is complete, be sure to send emails and post to social media to request donations and to recruit teammates.

Follow these tips to make the most out of your personal page:

  • Add a profile photo. Set your page apart by sharing a photo of your bowling team, you and a mentor in your life, you and your Little, or even an image provided by our agency. People are more inclined to donate to your page when they can “see” what you are raising money for. Need help picking the perfect profile photo? Follow this link for a few from our agency.
  • Include a description. Everyone’s reasons for making a donation are different, and this is your chance to let the world know why BBBS-ETN matters to you. Whether you feel strongly about the work that the agency is doing or you’ve personally benefited from our services, let everyone know why you are raising money for BBBS-ETN! If you’d like to fundraise in honor of one of the children on our waiting list, you can post their photo and bio to your page. Follow this link for stories of Littles on the waiting list.
  • Set a goal. We’ve set a fundraising minimum of $50 per bowler (and $250 per team), but we highly encourage bowlers to aim high and “Make a Match” by raising $1,000 per individual or team. Be sure to indicate your goal on your page.
  • Establish yourself as a team captain. If you are a captain, add it to your personal page so your friends can join your team! Here’s how: login to your page and click the tab “Team”. On that tab you will see the question “Are you a part of a team?”. You will click “Yes, and I am a Team Caption.” Once you hit save, your team’s page will be available for you to edit and personalize. When your team members login, they will click “I’d like to join a team” and will select your name.
  • Share away! A recent study found that bowlers who send emails can raise between 2 and 11 times more than those who do not send emails. Something else to think about: people read emails from their friends and family, even fundraising emails, in greater numbers than they do fundraising emails from organizations. YOU have the power to share your story and make an impact.

Did you know: Bowlers who update their personal pages raise between 7 and 18 times more* than bowlers who do not update their pages! Why? Because including photos and stories helps donors connect with you and with the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee!

Questions? Shoot us an email at!

P.S.- After your page is set up, be sure to check in with your team captain to ensure your team has its lane reserved! If you’re a team captain and your lane is not reserved, click here!

*2017 study by Blackbaud CRM Services.

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