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Cold-weather COVID Update for Bigs


KNOXVILLE, TN (November 19, 2020) I hope you are doing well and staying safe! Let me start by saying “Thank you!” to each of you! So many of you have kept mentoring your Little during these crazy times, and we appreciate you so much. The volunteer spirit has remained strong even during COVID.

I’m happy to report that BBBS-ETN’s Community-based Program has actually made more matches since we restarted matching in June than we made this same time last year! We are so excited to see the children in our community continuing to find meaningful mentoring relationships when so many other areas of their lives seem out of control. (While we$rsquo;re on the topic of new mentors, thank you to each of you who have spread the word about being a Big or referred a mentor to our team!)

All that said, it is important that the BBBS-ETN team and I keep our Bigs, Littles, and families safe, especially with cold weather and flu season right around the corner. You can find our latest guidelines for meeting during the colder months at—we ask that each of you familiarize yourself with this document.

In the event you or your Little’s family is not comfortable meeting in-person, the safety guidelines also provide a number of virtual activities you can participate in together. By the way, if you aren$rsquo;t meeting in-person, please make sure that you are checking in with your Little as often as you can in order to keep your friendship strong.

Finally, please reach out to your Match Support Specialist if you need more ideas for virtual and in-person meetings. For Community-based mentors, now’s the perfect time to enjoy this beautiful Fall weather by going on hikes, making smores around a fire pit, and visiting the Zoo! Just remember to wear your masks, bring hand sanitizer, stay outside as much as possible, and social distance.

With gratitude,

—Jen Davis, Senior Director of Programs

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