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The Game has changed, but you can still help us Defend their Future.

This year an invisible enemy forced us to cut short many of our Bowl For Kids’ Sake fundraising opportunities, leaving us $100,000 short of our goal.

Yet BBBS-ETN remains uniquely positioned to provide proactive outreach and consistency of connection to our area’s most marginalized families, and we need your continued fundraising to help us.

We’re holding a 24-hour gaming marathon on Sunday, June 28! Will you join us in that mission?



Check out the stream on
YouTube, Facebook,
and right here on this page.
Text PLAY to 865.290.7762
for a streaming reminder.



Start your own appeal page
and stream the fundraising
games you’d like to play!
(See below for
solicitation suggestions!)

Check Your Page!



Don’t want to button mash yourself?
Not a problem!
Click the button or
text GAMES to 865.290.7762
to give us some quarters.


12am – 1am: Quiplash (Jackbox Round #1) w/ Staff
1am – 3am: Animal Crossing: New Horizons w/ Noah
3am – 4am: Celeste from Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality w/ Brittany
4am – 5am: Catlateral Damage from Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality w/ Marisa
5am – 6am: Roller Coaster Tycoon w/ Brittany
6am – 7am: more from Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality w/ Marisa
7am – 8am: Castle Crashers w/ Brittany
8am – 9:30am: more from Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality w/ Marisa
9:30am – 10am: Yoga Break w/ Megan
10am – 11am: (Jackbox Round #2) w/ Staff
11am – 12pm: Apples to Apples Round #1 w/ Staff
12pm &ndash: 1pm: Star Wars: Battlefront II w/ Guest Streamer, TheRexTano
1pm – 2pm: Madden 2020 w/ Chris
2pm – 4pm: Edge of the Empire One Shot w/ Staff
4pm – 5pm: Apples to Apples Round #2 w/ Staff
5pm – 6pm: NFL 2K20 w/ Chris
6pm – 7pm: Fibbage (Jackbox Round #3) w/ Staff
7pm – 8pm: Dictionarium (Jackbox Round #4) w/ Staff
8pm – 9pm: Drawful (Jackbox Round #5) w/ Staff
9pm – 11pm: Retro Gaming on Switch w/ Noah
11pm – 12am: Joke Boat (Jackbox Round #6)


We know the shift from bowling to digital presentation isn’t the clearest to see, so we have a few suggestions of ways you can pivot your pages.

Stream you own stream. – If you’re already a streamer, you can target your own stream to fundraise for BBBS-ETN. Various platforms have different methods, and we’d be happy to help you set it up.

Play your own game. – Create your personal fundraising page using the PLAY link above and set up your own criteria. Want to play poker with your friends and donate your winnings? Deal yourselves in! Want to play Monopoly and agree to donate the equivalent in real-world funds? Roil the dice! Want to have friends donate for every star you capture in Super Mario Galaxy? Press start and see how far you can get! How do you want to help us win? Then focus on creating your personal fundraising page and sending it out far and wide.

Need help fundraising? We have a few more ideas from our 2020 tips.

Watch the team. – 24 hours is a long time! Hang out with the BBBS-ETN community online and keep us (digital) company.


Sponsorships help ensure 100% of the funds you raise go to our mission of providing professionally supported one-to-one mentorships. They cover the costs of things like digital switching software and green screens. Want your message as part of the stream? We can make that happen! If you are interested, email Noah McBrayer Jones or call 865.523.9455.

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