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Mentor 2.0 Match, Big Sister Meghan and Little Sister Monica

Big Sister Meghan and Little Sister Monica have been matched in the Mentor 2.0 program since September 2017. Meghan and Monica had an instant connection and have been good friends from the beginning. Meghan is helping Monica develop her ideas for her future. Monica would like to open her own salon one day and is interested in going to college for business. Meghan has a background in business and is able to give Monica encouragement and a realistic picture of what to expect. Monica wrote to Meghan last week in her “In 10 years…” poem that she hopes in 10 years from now she will be able to be a mentor at BBBS-ETN like Meghan. This is how Meghan responded to Monica:

“I also am so thrilled to see that you would like to be a BBBS-ETN mentor in the next 10 years. You would make a wonderful Big since you are encouraging to others and very empathetic. I hope that our experience together continues to reinforce your desire to be a mentor yourself! It has been an extremely rewarding and beneficial experience for me personally to have you in my life! Additionally, I think spending time volunteering in 10 years or less is a wonderful goal. Always make time to lend a hand to others. I encourage you to definitely volunteer at a shelter like you mentioned and maybe even bring some of your new friends that you make by then with you!”

These two have a special relationship and we can’t wait to watch it grow over the next couple of years!

Find out more about becoming a Mentor 2.0 volunteer this fall at #TennesseeBig #BeABig

adminMentor 2.0 Match, Big Sister Meghan and Little Sister Monica