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Out-of-this-world match: Big Sister Sabrina and Little Brother De’Aries

Big Sister Sabrina and Little Brother De’Aries have been matched in BBBS-ETN’s community-based program for 6.5 years (since December 2011). They enjoy going to sporting events and wood working. The duo likes to volunteer with foster animals and if they had a chance to go to outer space, they would name their rocket the “Vols Rocketship”.

When they aren’t laughing at each other during blindfolded food-guessing contests, they are probably at the football field. “Watching him score his first touchdown was amazing”, said Sabrina, “it was one of the most proud moments for me as a mentor because he had worked so hard”.

Since these two are so out-of-this-world, we decided to ask them a few questions about their match (and outer space).

Do you two have nicknames for each other? Sabrina: “De’Aries’ nickname is “D” and mine is “Beana”.
Can you name one thing on your bucket list? Sabrina: “I would love to take D to New York City one day.” D’Aries: “I really want to meet Alvin Kamera.”
What do you like most about your Big/Little? Sabrina: “D is so kind and gentle.” D’Aries: “Sabrina teaches me the importance of not giving up and how to be patient.”
Which planet is your favoriteSabrina: “Earth.” D’Aries “Earth.” (Ours too)

Trivia Question: How old is the universe in light years? Sabrina and D’Aries: “A Million!”  |  Answer: 13.7 Billion Years
(So close, and yet so far, far away. Great guess you two!)

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adminOut-of-this-world match: Big Sister Sabrina and Little Brother De’Aries