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UT Baseball Coach Hits a Home Run with Volunteer Spirit

By Marco Villarreal | 

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – How many baseball players does it take to get a good round of golf in? Sounds like the start of a joke! The good that’s coming out of the diamond and taking over the green for one day is no joke though. The Volunteer Spirit coming out of the UT Men’s Baseball team is impressive.
At the Regas building in downtown Knoxville, Big Brothers and Big Sisters get together with their “Littles” for craft night.
Shyann is here with her big, Young Kim. They just celebrated one year matched up.

“We’ll play ski ball together. We’ll go on hikes together. We’ll just play games together and things like that,” says Young Kim about her Little.

This friendship is possible because of volunteers like Kim. The program can run because of people like Dave Serrano.

“I think everyone can find time to do things that are important. One of the things, getting involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee was my way of giving back to this wonderful community,” says the UT Baseball head coach.

Coach understands the importance of mentoring. Even with his busy schedule he finds time to give back.

“A lot of people think that when our season’s over that it slows down. I think it actually speeds up.”

His annual golf tournament benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee fills up almost every year.

“This money that the golf tournament generates is to be able to reach out and get mentors and get them involved to be a Big Brother Big Sister for these kids that might not have that adult figure around them everyday,” he says.

Coach Serrano’s Volunteer Spirit extends beyond the ball park and into the green. He even gets the guys on his team to help out.

“We involve the whole team. It isn’t just myself. It’s our whole program that’s involved with this golf tournament,” says Coach Serrano.

For the Bigs at craft night they understand the community is coming together to help Littles succeed.

“I’m guessing that he understands how important these programs are for our communities, and especially for the Bigs and the Littles involved,” says Kim.

That’s batting a 1000 with his service!

This is the third year of Coach Serrano’s golf tournament benefitting Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee. In just those three years over $125,000 have been raised for the organization.

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